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Copper Water Bottle - Hammered


  • To enjoy its maximum benefits, let your water sit overnight in the bottle and drink it in morning for a healthy dose of copper nutrients necessary for a better life and mood.
  • Made of 99.7% pure copper
  • A top quality product which has been laboratory tested to comply with EU Directive 98/83/EC
  • Handcrafted with pride by skilled artisans using traditional techniques
  • Your perfect companion for Yoga, Pilates, Work and Home
  • Leakproof
  • Capacity 600ml
  • Size 22 x 7 cm
  • Weight 230g
  • We recommend you put only water in this bottle.                   Flavourings can be added after the water, but please be     aware acidic liquids may react with the metal
  • Not for carbonated drinks.
  • Not for hot drinks.
  • Certified Fair Trade