Charity and Roobarb support an African NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) called Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) and a UK based charity called Confident Children out of Conflict UK (CCCUK) (Registered UK Charity Number 1167899).

CCC runs an orphanage in Juba, South Sudan, the worlds newest, but poorest country. It also helps pay for the education of a further 600 children throughout the country.

This orphanage houses former street children, children who have been affected by the country's internal conflict with many of them have been highlighted as needing protection.

(Pictured: two of the girls from the orphanage wearing hats they knitted from donated wool)

 It clothes, feeds and educates the children until they have finished their secondary education. It also trains them in life skills for when they eventually leave the centre.

It houses around 35 youngsters from 4 to 18, mainly girls.

CCCUK helps fund the organisation in Juba and supports many of the special projects at the centre, plus helping to fund further education of the children, when they leave school. 

Many of the children excel at the local schools and go on to further education and again excel there too. They all have a huge appetite for education and many have ambitions to be doctors, nurses, teachers and journalists and would like to stay in the country to help re-build it after nearly 30 years of war.