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Smart Vase Lamp


  • Smart Vase Light.
  • Stunning and beautiful paper oval-shaped table light.
  • Perfect centrepiece for your home or office space.
  • Cleverly hidden inside is a heat and water-safe tube for filling with your favourite flowers.
  • Made with special heat-safe and water proof Tyvek paper that emits a warm ambient light.
  • Fan-like design can also be folded for easy storage.
  • To open again, simply pull the lamp back around till the magnets touch together.
  • Two wood types, Bamboo or Walnut.
  •  Designed in the UK.
  • Product Material: Japanese bamboo/American walnut wood, tyvek paper.
  • Battery Life: 6-10 hours.
  • Light Source: 3W LED.
  • LED colour temperature: 3000K.
  • Power Input: DC5V 1A.
  • Power source: 2000mAh Li-on chargeable battery.
  • Product Size: 85×215 x 35mm (when closed) or 200 x 215 mm (when opened in an oval vase shape).
  • Product Weight: 400g.
  • Packed in a premium gift box.
  • Free UK Delivery.