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Reed Diffuser 200ml - Chai and Lime Blossom


These beautiful oil diffusers are an easy and stylish way to fragrance your home.

Our Chai & Lime Blossom diffuser is a soothing scent of warm chai spices layered with fresh notes of lime blossom and bergamot on a base of sweet coca and vanilla.

Each fragrance in the Fired Earth Collection contains an exquisite blend of essential oils.

Chai & Lime Blossom fragrance and colour has been inspired by 'Ivory' from the Fired Earth paint collection. Our fragrance diffuser is a stylish way to fragrance quickly and efficiently. They are packaged in the highest quality box.

Our Chai & Lime Blossom reed diffusers contain 200ml of liquid and under the correct conditions should last well in excess of 3 months.