Make Up Eraser

We have just started selling a brand new product to Roobarb and and a relatively new one to the UK too, it's the amazing Make Up Eraser.

We first saw this product after one of our followers on Instagram (@Roobarb5) posted a video of the Make Up Eraser that she had bought in the US. The video featured a young woman with a full face of make up and using just the Make Up Eraser and water, removing the make up from her face with total ease, in just a few minutes.

We knew once we had seen this product that we had to have them, so we investigated who was manufacturing them in the US, then we spoke to a company that were about wholesale them in the UK, so we bought them and we couldn't wait for our stock to arrive and get started.

This new product, a micro fibre cloth, is able to use just water to help remove your make up. No more expensive chemicals, lotions or oils on your skin, just water and the Make Up Eraser.

Once you purchase the Make Up Eraser, take it out of the box, the company advises that you just put it in a quick wash in the washing machine to release the fibres, and you are ready for off.

Each time you use it, use it for around a week and then pop it in the washing machine and you are ready to go again and again. This cloth is good for around 1000 washes, so your investment in this cloth is a sound one.

There are two sides to the Make Up Eraser, an exfoliator and the remover, so follow the instructions in the box, which come with the eraser.

The interest we have had in our Make Up Erasers has been really positive so far, the ladies who have already bought them have given us an update and say the ease with which their make up comes off is unbelievable. 

Social media is awash with bloggers reviewing this product and there are very few negative reviews, the majority are very positive. We have included one from a lady call Nissa, just one of the many which we found on YouTube.

We believe this will make an ideal gift for any woman and we believe it will become an essential piece of their make up removal regime.