Our range of clocks have always been popular at Roobarb and at, but when we first began selling them we promoted them as 'Children's Clocks'.

However when we asked our customers who the clocks were intended for, we noted that it was equally split between children and adults.

With the large range of characters and shapes, these clocks are equally at home in a kitchen as they are in a child's room. 

Our clocks are all handmade from certified sustainable wood and made in the UK by a small family company based in Buckinghamshire, who work out of a small barn, who hand cut and paint these beautiful clocks.

The company, Little Timbers, was founded by man and wife, Nick and Tina, 22 years ago and are now joined by their daughter Yasmin.

The clocks come in many shapes, with or without a pendulum, although we noticed early on, that the pendulum clocks are by far the most popular of the range we sell.

The clocks are virtually silent, so they are popular with parents who want to put them in their children's bedrooms.

Below are just a small selection of the wooden clocks that we have available.