Pomme Pidou

We have been stocking Pomme Pidou money boxes since we first opened in 2014 and they were one of the first things we sold online. We have been amazed by the interest in them and the reaction we get from our customers when we add another to our collection. The animals character's with bright colours and designs are a big draw on our shelves to both children and adults.

Children love them to use as designed, as a money box (there is a small rubber stopper underneath to remove the saved coins when needed) and adults will buy them to adorn their kitchen window to brighten up their home.

This Belgium company have been making these ceramic money boxes for a number of years now and have built up a strong following of fans who will endeavour to collect the full collection of whether it's cats, hens, frogs, dinosaurs, dogs and the list goes on. 

There are usually six colours in each design but the background can be very different from character to character, it could be colourful butterflies, circles, swirls and even cars, all of them designed to put a little colour and fun into your home. The colourful chintz covering is hand applied to the ceramic at the finishing process.  

There are variations of some of the animal characters, some come in two sizes, like the cat for instance there are two versions of this, medium and large, the ever popular chihuahua comes in standing or sitting position and some of the animals are adorned with accessories. The bulldog comes with either a spiky collar or bandana and the chihuahua comes with a pearl collar and why wouldn't she.

These money boxes are becoming very collectable now, we have a regular customer who buys each one that we sell and is always keen for us to get another in the range as soon as possible.

These money boxes make an ideal gift for both adults or children and are not that expensive and come with their own colourful box.



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by Mrs Karen brogan

Do you stock the pomme pidou gorilla please

by David Harrison

Do you stock the gorilla pomme pidou money box ?