Amazing Ceramics

We thought over the next few blog posts we would share with you some of our collections of product both popular on our web site, and at our store, Roobarb.

One of the most popular collections that we stock are the beautiful ceramic ornaments produced by Polish designers Mariusz and Agnieszka Klara. They produce contemporary and funky, some would say quirky style designs, which are steadily becoming very collectable in the UK and the rest of Europe.

They are based in the beautiful city of Kraków and their ceramic workshop has been operating since 1997. All the ceramics are designed and hand formed in the workshop by Mariusz. 

If fact when they are on display at Roobarb they attract a huge amount of attention from our customers and sell very quickly.

The pieces range from small hedgehogs to large pieces like the cow and fairies, they are all truly beautiful and fun to have in your home.

All their designs are bright with vivid colours, they use a combination of clay, glass and metal with stunning and dramatic effect and  produced with a sense of humour.

These ceramic pieces will look stunning in any room of the house, when we were planning our shops we spotted their ceramics and knew we just had to stock Mariusz and Agnieszka Klara.

Every time new stock arrives it's a joy to display it at Roobarb and take pictures for online.

 Mariusz Klara Red CatMariusz Klara Blue Happy HippoMariusz Klara Red Frog