Guest Blog by Paul Frear - Director of Big Green Tree Natural Skincare Ltd.

Over the course of a lifetime men will shave around 16,000 times, WOW that’s potential for a whole lot of skin stress, if you don’t use the right equipment, and keep to a regime that will help to ensure a healthier looking skin for longer. It’s a little known fact, but Men’s skin is different from Women’s skin, we have more pores, they are larger and we secrete more Sebum than Women, so nicking your partners moisturiser isn’t the way forward!

Lets tackle the main area of damaged and stressed skin, the ubiquitous shave, morning or evening wet or electric they will both damage your facial skin if you don’t tackle them as a “project”, when did you start tinkering with that classic sports car in the garage without the right spares and the right tools? Exactly, so....

If wet shaving, use a good quality natural shaving soap, something that contains glycerines and perhaps essential oils that have been designed with male skin in mind; make sure you have plenty of lather before shaving and if possible use a pre-shave oil to help protect the skin and “condition” the whiskers so they are softer and easier to shave off. Always use a clean razor, with a sharp blade and always “go with the whiskers, never against”.

With an electric shave you don’t have any real prep work other than, ensure the skin is clean and dry, pull it taught around the area you are shaving and hold the razor at a right angle to the skin. Shavers will throw out operational heat, so for best results and less red/soreness always shave the more sensitive areas of your face first, such as your neck. Try not to go over areas repeatedly and once done, wash and apply a good quality natural aftershave balm rather than an alcohol based product as this will help to reduce any inflammation, pick a balm that has the right type of essentials in it, this will help to repair skin at the dermis and epidermis level. 

VIRTUS™ Male skincare products have been designed to protect and repair Male skin using a unique blend of three powerful essential oils; using only natural and organic ingredients to ensure that at a technical level your skin is receiving all the nutrition it needs to stay firm, tight and to reduce the signs of redness and ageing. For more help and tips be sure to visit us at: and follow us on twitter at @virtusskincare we also work with a hand selected number of retail outlets who are in tune with our philosophy and we are very proud to be associated with and Roobarb, the luxurious boutique lifestyle store in Bridgnorth.

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